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Week 1 July 2017- Mitre Release

Posted by - Mitre

Since the previous update post we have; Game: -Hotfix to prevent autoclicking for thieving at home -changed up the reward of votebook [EXPLINATION HERE] -made changes to donation store [changes go here] -Nerfed blowpipe -Nerfed sir owens sword -Added Rouge Chest (Example'_Chests ) -FFA minigame (When it opens it will be announced in game, then you will be able to do the command ::ffa to join. You’ll land in a lobby island where you and everyone else who participates waits for the game to fill up. Then when it starts you enter the portal. Once you enter the portal it is single combat free for all until the last man stands. Everyone will be given excatly equal gear & spellbook. The only thing you can prepair with is combat stats and prayerbook. -Droptable tweaked slightly -Rockcrabs are now become unaggresive Forums: -All usergroups can now edit their threads/posts whenever they want. For some reason this setting was set to 5 minuts after thread/post creation. -Fixed broken links on Website -Added media Spotlight -Sorted out undiscovered issues with most of the usergroups -Changed vote rewards (Common rewards are now easier to obtain on vote rewards) Also there now is 2x vote reward for the month of july -Changed droptable difficulty (drops have been nerfed slightly) -Runes have been removed from rogue chest

Week 3 June 2017- Mitre Release

Posted by - Mitre

Fixes/Changes has been made to: -Voting -Donating -Dungeneering store + other ways to get tokens -Thieving & Moneymaking -Giles shop -Curses / Ancient altar locations -Construction -Shooting star -Boss points -Less significant updates -Plans for future updates Voting has been updated and should now be working. After voting try claiming your reward by doing::claimvote or logging, the reward should be in your inventory/bank. Here is an example of the reward from 200 votes. Voting now grants you a chance at a random rare and ultra rare item, examples of this is Amulet of Fury, Armadyl Godsword, and Dragon Claws.

Week 2 June 2017- Mitre Release

Posted by - Mitre

I’d like to start with saying welcome to our new server. This launch has truly taken considerably longer than I could ever imagine. In the last couple of months, we have established some new features such as: -Treasure island -Shooting stars (minable with hidden rewards at random locations only appearing at specific times) -Skills are trainable all over the world (though some locations are obviously favored) -Teleport interface (just below the chat scroll) -Living Rock Cavern -Lots of working bosses / Minigames (come see for yourself) We had to revert some of the brand new modifications now so we could go online. However we hope to bring those back in future updates. 0

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